Suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy through to just after giving birth*

A wonderfully relaxing and much needed treatment for mums to be!!

Also a great gift idea for before and just after the birth when everyone focuses on the baby.

Because no two pregnancies are the same, together we’ll sit down and chat about what exactly you’d like to get from your pregnancy massage.

Your body is constantly changing so it is hugely important to me that you feel in control for your treatment and get the most from this incredibly amazing experience.

Most of my pregnancy massage is based in Chelmsford, Essex but I can travel to most of North Essex area if you prefer to have your treatment at home. A small petrol fee would possibly apply.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage?


  • Aids an amazing balance on a physical and psychological level
  •  Common areas of pain/discomfort in pregnancy are in the pelvis, lower back and
    shoulders, massage can help to relive these pains, reduce muscle tension, joint pain and help to improve the skins elasticity and help to ease cramps.
  • Eases sciatica
  • Pregnancy Massage creates a sense of calm and aids a better restful sleep of which helps to reduce stress hormones allowing your baby to flourish and grow.
  • Provides your baby with better nourishment & oxygen supply due to the increased circulation provided by the massage.
  • Reduces anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Helps to aid regulation of the digestive system.
  • Partners can come along and learn some tips to help you when you’re in labour! For free.
  • I generally use Grapeseed oil for Pregnancy massages but we can chat about safe oils to use in Pregnancy.
pregnant woman having backache

Voucher Options

What do I wear?

Elasticated Leggings/ shorts and a vest top are ideal.

Spa setting

What happens in a pregnancy massage?:

During the consultation we would’ve discussed any areas that you’d like to be worked on in particular, from experience these areas seem to be lower back and shoulders. Therefore you can choose to be position laying on your side or to be sat upright in front of the massage couch so you can gently lean forward to have your back massaged.
So a full body massage would work like this:

  • Your treatment room filled with candles and relaxing music.
  • You gently leaning forward onto the bed to have your back massaged.
  • I then ask or help you to stand to one side for just a moment whilst re arrange the massage couch so you can then ‘sit up in bed’ so that you’re slightly laying down with pillows behind your back and a cushion under your knees to take the pressure off your lower back.
  • Once comfy I’ll massage the safe zones on your feet then legs.
  • Massage of the arms and hands.
  • Opportunity for ‘the bump’ to be massaged.
  • Finishing with a relaxing scalp massage.
  • Aftercare Advice.

Time Saver Package

Pregnancy Massage

30 Minutes (Back, Neck & Shoulders)

Well-being Package

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes

Pregnancy Back Massage Package x4

Book 4 Pregnancy Back massages for £140 and get a fifth massage for free.

Pregnancy Back Massage Package x3

Book 3 Pregnancy Back massages for £90 saving £15.

Full Body Pregnancy Massage Package x4

Book 4 Well-being pregnancy massages for £200 and get a fifth massage for free.

Full Body Pregnancy Massage Package x3

Book 3 Well-being pregnancy massages for £125 saving £25.