Don’t let the word ‘Hot’ put you off! These smooth, flat stones are simply heated in hot water to a temperature that is suitable for you.

A lot for clients who are new to this treatment often wonder how the treatment works and its procedure. As an experienced therapist who loves doing this treatment I shall explain!

So, firstly we would’ve had a consultation to discuss the treatment procedure and any medical worries or concerns you may have. During the consultation I like to give my clients the opportunity to have a look and a feel of the stones.

I can travel to your house (strictly women only) so you can enjoy your hot stone treatment without leaving the house or you can have hot stone massage at the sallon which is in Chelmsford, Essex.

What are the benefits of Hot Stone Therapy?

  • Increased state of a deeper relaxation
  • Aids relief of muscular and joint pain
  • Aids circulation regulation
  • Helps to decrease levels of stress, anxieties and depression
Spa setting

The Treatment:

  • The massage movements are slow to allow the heat to enter the muscles and are generally slow sweeping long movements.
  • I use my hands like with a general massage to spread the oil and then gently introduce the stones checking with you that the heat of the stones is ok for you.
  • You’ll lay on top of 6 stones which are generally a little bit bigger than the size of the palm of your hand, 3 placed either side of your spine with a towel on top.
  • Pillow underneath your knees to raise them slightly (helps to take pressure off bad backs).
  • You’ll have cooler stones in between your toes (unless you’d rather not) which are small.
  • Holding onto two narrow stones you’ll be drifting off into deep relaxation as you have the fronts of your legs massaged with stones that are around the size of your palm.
  • Then feet, if you’ve said you’d like your feet massaged.
  • Up to arms and hands.
  • Then scalp with small stones and across forehead.
  • Next you’ll slowly sit up whilst I take the stones away from your back and turn you over so you’re now laying on your front.
  • I’ll then place stones on your back (just like how you see on the posters) whilst I massage the backs of your legs.
  • Lastly I’ll then take those stones off your back and massage your back with the palm size stones.

Taster Package

Hot Stone Massage

30 Minutes (Back, Neck & Shoulders)

De-stress Package

Hot Stone Massage

60 Minutes

Please note there may be a small charge for petrol if you are not attending the sallon. For Hot stone massage I cover most of the north Essex area. Please contact me for more details.