What's included?

    • 60minute full body Pregnancy Massage!

    • 60minute full body Postnatal Massage!

    • 4 week Baby Massage Course!

All for only £120!

A saving of £30 from standard full price.

The perfect gift for a Mum 2 Be!


“Taking some time for myself once I had started my Maternity leave to relax & mentally prepare before our baby arrived was such a precious gift”

In candlelight at either The Nesting Place in Chelmsford or in the comfort of her own home, she’ll relax those pregnancy aches & pains during her 60minute full body Pregnancy Massage as she dreams of meeting her baby.

“Having some time for myself soon after my baby was born gave me the opportunity I needed to be ‘Me’ again and to re connect with myself after the birth”

During her 60minute full body Postnatal Massage, she’ll enjoy some time to herself to be back as one whilst her body & mind recovers from pregnancy and settles into Motherhood

“This was a lovely date I had set aside each week for just my baby and I to get out of the house which made me socialise with new friends and learn some beneficial Baby Massage techniques. The course was easy to follow and in a small group so I didn’t feel overwhelmed as it was the first group I had attended as a new mum plus I had a hot cup of tea made for me each week! Bonus!!”

During the 4 week Baby Massage Course (suitable for babies from 6 weeks old ) both Mum & Baby shall enjoy time getting to know one another and learning some gentle techniques such as helping to improve her baby’s circulation, brain development, relief of digestive problems and enhancing bonding to name but a few and all in an atmosphere that is relaxed, supportive & calm at either The Nesting Place or at Home.
To purchase this amazing gift please email  ‘Mum 2 Be’ to: .

Vouchers can be emailed or posted.

Price £120 saving £30!

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  • Baby massage is a wonderful course. Kia is extremely knowledgeable and made the course really good fun. It’s a great way to bond with your baby as well. Kia is very professional and the resources she provided for us and the in depth knowledge she gave us was brilliant.  The course is very good value for money and having it done in your house is great. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

    Emma Archer
  • Kia has been a brilliant find for me. First she did pregnancy massage which was divine. Latterly she has taught me and my NCT group baby massage and again has outdone herself.  Some of the group had concerns  so she provided a taster session to start to allow us to ask any questions we had and as we were so happy with her we ended up doing a 4 session course.  All sessions were in the comfort of our own homes & were at a nice relaxed pace. If someone struggled she’d spend time with them personally and if you had to feed/change a nappy then this was all taken in her stride.  If someone missed a session then she was willing to go to their home and do a one-to-one all within the initial price – you couldn’t ask for better value for money.  Thank you Kia, I will continue to seek you out for massages for myself!


    Kirsten Putley
  • ‘My new baby Alfie and I have just completed our four week baby massage course taught by Kia. It was fantastic! Kia is a wonderful teacher who made me and my 7 friends and their babies, all feel completely at ease, despite the fact that there were regular nappy changes and feedings that could’ve disrupted the flow of the session. It was great to have the sessions in one of our homes with less time constraints. Kia had a huge amount of patience and the session only finished when we were all confident with the techniques we had learned. The course was well structured, a lovely baby-bonding experience and lots of fun! I would highly recommend!’

    Emma Batson
  • Thankyou for such a wonderful baby massage course. I would never have realised just how brilliant it is to do the course at home if my friend hadn’t recommended you. It was so great to get together with a group of friends every week and share such special time with our babies. You never rushed us and you were so calm- even when the babies were melting down!! You made it seem really easy and had you made it fun!

    Thankyou so much- I’ll definitely be recommending you to my friends!! Now then, I just need to find time for a mummy massage… 😉

    Rosie Wall
  • Thank you so much for running our recent session with the babies. You made us all feel really comfortable and gave us confidence with our little ones and adapted the session as required when they started to get a little tired </p></div><div class=

    Charlotte and William
  • We had a group baby massage session for our new arrivals and the whole experience was great. Kia was very friendly, relaxed and professional and no one was made to feel awkward when the babies screamed through parts of the session! I would highly recommend Kia for baby massage and I will definitely book a massage with her in the near future.

    Helen Foy
  • As a first time mother of a 6 week old baby I was quite nervous of attending classes or even leaving the house but I’m so glad I decided to do the baby massage class with Kia. For a start it’s a really relaxing environment.  We were always reassured that we could feed, change our babies at any time or just let them have a nap and not worry. During the break kia would then go through anything we or our babies missed.  The massage itself was broken down into manageable parts and we reviewed everything at the beginning and end of each session which definitely made me more confident about doing the massage at home.  Harry has really enjoyed it too and the leg and head massage techniques have been a hit. We now use them when i’m changing him and during play.  It soothes and calms him and mum enjoys them too. I would highly recommend kia’s baby massage classes to any mum or dad.

    Joanna Follett