Mums Take Some Time and ‘ME’ Time

As a Women, in whichever capacity you wear your hat, Mum, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister, Daughter etc etc……. it is so important, vital even, not to feel guilty about wanting a bit of ‘ME’ time? Why because from time to time you must allow yourself to re connect, physically, spiritually and mentally. To have a comfortable silence for once, whilst allowing someone to do something nice for you and by doing so, giving yourself an opportunity just for a little while to relax, to realise ‘I really needed to do this for ME’ will have such an amazing positive impact on your wellbeing of which in turn will benefit the others around you!

So…….., imagine just for a moment, that you have just walked into the warm, softly lit treatment room and chosen which scent of oil you’d like to complement your massage treatment and now you’re laying down on the Massage table, surrounded by candles, and snuggled under a blanket listening to tranquil music playing in the background. You’ve closed your eyes, taken three guided deep breaths to help you to relax, your massage has begun and for 30 precious minutes you’re drifting off to somewhere far away in your mind. Somewhere that’s just for you, somewhere there no are pressures, no demands. Somewhere where absolutely nothing is expected of you before slowly being guided back to your awakened self and gently opening your eyes and feeling re connected, balanced and at one with yourself.

Sounds amazing right?!

So this is how it works…..

For ‘Mums Take Some Time’

You’ll need up to 8 mums that you know well to be free on a Monday AM or PM or a Friday AM or PM at The Nesting Place.

The larger room ‘The Burrow’ will be set up with multi-sensory equipment to keep any babies (under ones) entertained whilst you take it in turns to look after one another’s babies so you can come into the next room ‘The Den’.
After selecting your preferred oil you will choose either:

  • A 30min Back, Neck & shoulder massage (with or without Hot Stones)
  • A 20min Back, Neck & shoulder massage (with or without Hot Stones) and a 10min scalp massage
  • A 30min legs & feet massage (with or without Hot Stones)
  • A 20min Reiki healing & 10min scalp massage

After your treatment, you simply go back to The Burrow and ask the next mum to come to The Den for her turn and so on….sound good?

Obviously, as much as I’d love to offer this to you for free there is a cost of £40pp at the time of booking.

The cost includes:

  • The private hire of both rooms
  • A 30min Massage or Reiki treatment
  • Use of the sensory equipment to keep the babies entertained
  • Hot & cold drinks
  • French stick, salad, veg, dips, crisps, & cake

To book please email ‘Mums Take Some Time ’ to including all 8 mummies names, your preferred date, any dietary requirements.


Mums to be

can also benefit from this, why don’t get your antenatal group together and all the above treatments can be tailored to suit your pregnancy.
The same price will include your massage treatment, catering and some flowers for you to take home and instead of ‘The Burrow’ being set up for babies it’ll be full of candles, soft lighting, cushions, magazines for you to relax and enjoy this special time before your baby arrives.

For ‘ME Time’

Not only do you get the 30min candlelit massage for £35 but after your message, you get to stay in the treatment room, undisturbed, with a hot drink or non-alcoholic cocktail and a slice of cake for a further 30minutes! You can just lay there, read a book, and not have to talk to another soul and then once the music stops you just get yourself ready and leave the room…sound good?

(Vouchers also available)

To book just email ‘ME’ to with your ideal date and time.